We know our work well!

With the experience of 10+ years, we have served 50+ clients delivering them quality solutions that include Enterprise Web Applications, SOA Implementations, MiddleWare Integrations, Mobile Applications, UI/UX Revamping, Social Media Branding, Graphic Design products and many other IT related consultancies.

Web Application Development

Modern day web applications created using J2EE, Spring Boot, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Hibernate, .NET and other related top-notch technologies.

Enterprise Application Integration

We meet all software integration requirements such as application integration, SOA best practices and provide solutions based on various SOA frameworks.

SOA Implementations

SOA governance is the way to build in the processes and checks and balances to ensure your company does SOA right, and doesn't end up with a mess.

UI/UX Revamping

In our website UI design process we are going beyond great looking design and focusing also on user experience (UX) that results in better customer loyalty.

Mobile Application Development

When the experience of our mobile app developers blends with the creative art, we succeed in providing your business with the best mobile experience.

Social Media Branding

Our social media service is designed to keep you in total control of your messages across social media. We help you connect with your customers!

SAAS Solutions

The emergence of SaaS creates an opportunity for IT departments to change their focus from deploying and supporting applications to managing the services.

Software Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for software companies to help them develop software and to organize their development processes and team.

Creative Designing

We have dedicated team of creative minds who are committed to provide radical designs to reflect perfect image of your company and products.

  • "When you hire Codesaaz, you hire more than just developers. Codesaaz team is part of the project, suggesting ideas, being creative and taking a leading role. I will certainly hire Codesaaz for my next project."

    Matt Abdy

  • "Codesaaz engineers are very easy to work with. They understand requirements for complex projects and deliver timely solutions."

    Sep Nasiri, Prod & Eng :: Architecture & Infrastructure at Upwork

  • "Codesaaz team delivered excellent work on this project and we enjoyed working with it. Their communication was top-notch, they met all deadlines, and their skills were strong. We enjoyed working with Codesaaz and will likely have additional jobs for them in the future."

    Karim Pourak, Process Miner Inc.

  • "I've really enjoyed working with Codesaaz. They are especially good at figuring out new problems. When my workload permits I'd love to work with Codesaaz again."

    Scott Johnson, Motivosity

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